Genuine Euro 2.9L 12V VR6 intake manifold (Round Collar) Coated Black

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Genuine Euro 2.9L 12V VR6 intake manifold.

Unlike the 2.8L intake manifold which only uses part of the manifold for the plenum area, the 2.9L manifold uses the entire manifold for an increased plenum area. This gives the engine a substantially larger amount of available air to draw from at any given moment and essentially allows your engine to breathe better. If you're looking for the ultimate OEM+ engine upgrade for your 2.8L VR6, this is it.

This intake manifold is powdercoated black with some visible scratches and chips in the coating (see images). The manifold itself is in great condition.

Please note that this intake manifold comes in an OBDI throttle body configuration. However, you can install an OBD2 throttle body to this manifold with the use of an adapter. Lower intake manifold section is not included (this upper section will bolt up to the factory 2.8L lower manifold with no problems).

Factory part number: 021133223E

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