Black Fly Industries Drop Plates MK1/2/3/Corrado


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Our CNC machined Nickel Plated Steel Drop plates reposition the stub axle on the rear beam giving the rear of the vehicle two levels of drop , 2.5” or 3”

With the plates installed, a lower ride height can be achieved while maintaining maximum suspension travel. This will also put the rear beam at less of an angle, positioning the rear wheels further back and closer to the center of the wheel arches.

Includes Grade 10.9 mounting hardware. Reuse original hardware as well.

Works with drum or disc brakes, with or without ABS on either level of drop.

Bolt on installation requires removal of rear wheel bearing.

Bolts securing drop plates must be torqued to 47 ft/lbs with user supplied Loctite 243 applied to clean threads.

Fits ALL Mk1 (Including Caddy), Mk2 and Mk3 Golf/Jetta/ Corrado

*Made in the U.S.A.