17" Schmidt TH Line 2 piece


Bolt Pattern

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Equipped with the look and the many advantages of the three-piece TH-Line, but at a price that is only marginally higher than that of sophisticated one-piece alloy wheels.

The possibilities of the two-part TH-Line, which are slightly limited compared to the three-piece wheels with their almost limitable press-in depths and rim widths, are more than made up for by their price advantage.

The two-piece TH-Line, like its three-piece counterpart, has the exclusive RADINOX technology: a high-gloss outer ring made of special hardened and lightweight stainless steel. For this purpose, the impact edge is rolled up to ward off curb damage.
Two other unbeatable advantages of this technology: RADINOX remains high-gloss and corrosion-free for life.

All Schmidt wheel orders are custom and require a waiting period for production (Typically 4-5 weeks). We will contact you with ET/Offset info after you order.