Schmidt Gambit


Bolt Pattern


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The Gambit rim combines all currently required rim requirements. The Gambit, in its various sizes and widths, fits a sports car just as well as an SUV. Due to its design, the Gambit is able to master large brakes, and this lightweight design makes the rim interesting for people who, despite a larger rim, do not want to forego the performance of the car. The highlight, however, are the different concavities of the individual sizes, which create an unmistakable look.



We deliver the 19″ 8.5J and 9.5J, each in 2 versions.

The 1st generation - in addition to the concave version, you also have the option of ordering the rims in the deep concave version. With a special processing of the rim we extend the concavity by up to 24mm! The cover of the 1st generation Gambit 19″ rims has decorative screws and is screwed on tightly.

The 2nd generation - covers with the new Centerlock clip system ensure a motorsport feeling. Visually based on a central lock, this lid is a real eye-catcher. We can deliver the Centerlock in different colors. This allows color accents to be set later and the 19″ Gambit to be customized.

GAMBIT 20″ AND 21″:

The 20/21 inch rims are the big brothers of the 19 inch Gambit.

They appear even more masculine due to their spoke design and are available in 20″ sizes 8.5J and 10J.

In the color high-gloss silver, we deliver the Gambit aluminum rims, just like the 19″ version, with a cover that covers the drill holes for the wheel bolts.

We manufacture the 21 inch in the widths 9Jx21H2 and 10.5Jx21H2


For large and heavy vehicles, we also offer the Gambit in 22″.

With a whopping 950kg permissible wheel load, you can also pack the very heavy bolides and with the well-known sporty look.

We also deliver the Gambit in this size in high-gloss silver with a matching cover that covers the drill holes for the wheel bolts.

The 22″ Gambit is available in sizes

  • 9.5Jx22

  • 10.5Jx22

  • 11.5Jx22


If 22″ is not enough for you and has enough space, we have the Gambit in 24″ for you.

The best thing about it - in 24″ we offer the Gambit rim exclusively in SatinBlack with Centerlock cover.

This effectively covers boreholes, wheel bolts and nuts and doesn't spoil the overall picture.

The 24″ Gambit is available in sizes

  • 10.5Jx24

  • 12.5Jx24


Special bolt circles – no extra charge