Schmidt Zayn


Bolt Pattern


With the Schmidt Revolution ZAYN, the Segeberger rim forge launches another modern and detailed design.

In addition to the very rare and special spoke structure, there are refinements such as the inner spoke milling, the spoke ends of different lengths to the rim center or the Schmidt Revolution 'V' in front of the valve hole.

The ZAYN also offers a lot in terms of technology: very high brake clearance, high loads and 5 bolt circle patterns from 108-130.

The seemingly infinite ET range offers a wide variety of customization options.

We will offer our ZAYN in two colors. In addition to the Satin Black and Bronze Matte

With a minimum concavity of 25mm, the Zayn – regardless of the version – offers inward spoke guidance.

This makes the wheel look even wider. By combining different concavities, the rim combinations look even better on your vehicle.

9Jx20 ET 20 - 55

9Jx20 Deep Concave ET 20 - 55

10.5Jx20 Deep Concave ET 10 - 45

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